Individual Game: Play-testing

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Last week l wrote a blog on the board game rules for ‘Where’s Jimbo?!’. After playtesting in class, however, certain mechanisms and rules have changed. There were a few issues during gameplay that we encountered. The feedback on how to fix these issues was provided by play testers, Max, Dylan, Ben and Marcus. This feedback has been extremely beneficial and helpful in thinking of ways to refine my game.

Issues encountered

1.We ran out of street cards.



The solution to this issue is to make more street cards, alternatively, if a tile is placed on top of another, the tile underneath can be returned to the deck.

2. The dog had no incentive to win.


a) Including a ‘FINISH HERE’ square for the dog to get too.

b) The dog’s aim is to return home by landing on the ‘FAMILY START HERE’ square, without getting caught by a family member.

3. Turn restriction for family members may need to be implemented.


The game seemed to drag on. If a turn restriction was included, it would make for a quicker game. I will have to play-test with a turn restriction to see how many turns would be appropriate for this type of gameplay.

Play-testing Bar Crawlers

After playtesting my board game, we moved on to Marcus’ game, ‘Bar Crawlers’. This game was extremely relatable and fun to play. The aim of the game is to, as the name suggests, bar crawl, however, each player has their own characters with different drinking abilities and budgets. The person who reaches the finish mark (crawled through all bars) wins. The game’s mechanisms and rules are still in development, however, I’m keen to play when it’s at it’s last stages of the prototype.

Stay tuned for the development of ‘Where’s Jimbo?!’.


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